Spring Cleaning My iPad

Every now and then I find myself staring at my iPad thinking what a mess it is. Apps everywhere, numerous ones I no longer use and some that I can't remember why I downloaded them in the first place. Normally I would keep my home screen fairly organized but I think I can say that … Continue reading Spring Cleaning My iPad

Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy S9+

A few months ago I decided to upgrade from my trusty Google Pixel 2 to the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+. Now I was still very much stuck in my contract at the time but due to financial reasons decided to upgrade the same time as my partner. Luckily trading in my Google Pixel 2 … Continue reading Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Tech Review: Belkin Wireless Charging Pad

We live in a time where we are consistently surrounded by technology and having a need to want everything to be instant or as quick as possible. The same goes for mobile phones. Day to day life depends on them more and more and of course with that comes the issue around battery life. While … Continue reading Tech Review: Belkin Wireless Charging Pad

What’s On my Mobile Phone?

Following on from Thursday's mobile game review for Solbot Energy Rush, I decided to stay on the theme of mobile games and well mobile apps in general. More specifically what is on my phone. Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ which I've had for a couple of months now and to sum it up … Continue reading What’s On my Mobile Phone?