Ten Years of Skyrim

Last week saw the tenth birthday of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! It seems almost hard to believe that Skyrim is now ten years old, and in a year or two we'll be seeing the next instalment of The Elder Scrolls game. While this isn't a post speculating what the next game could look … Continue reading Ten Years of Skyrim


E3 2021: Ubisoft, Xbox & Bethesda and Square Enix

It's been a couple of days now since E3 2021 kicked off and from my perspective, it has been a bit of a mixed reception so far. There's been some brilliant games revealed and announcements made, but there's also been moments where it's not felt like E3. Part of that would be down to the … Continue reading E3 2021: Ubisoft, Xbox & Bethesda and Square Enix

My Top 5 Games From E3 2018

Another year and another E3 has come and gone and it surely was jam-packed full of exciting moments and surprises. Of course, there are many games that I am really looking forward to which got me thinking about which games I would consider being in my top five announced at this year's event. There are … Continue reading My Top 5 Games From E3 2018

E3 2018: My Thoughts So Far (Part One)

What a start to this years E3! EA kicked things off with their EA Play event on Saturday followed by Xbox and Bethesda on Sunday. EA Play had me filled with a mixture of thoughts and emotions about their press conference. While I'm not a big fan of EA Sports games or Battlefield V what … Continue reading E3 2018: My Thoughts So Far (Part One)