Blaugust 2019 Round Up

Blaugust 2019 has come and gone and it's time to look back at the past few weeks and reflect on the things that have been learned during that time. This was the first time that I have ever really participated in a blogging challenge like this before and I wasn't really too sure what to … Continue reading Blaugust 2019 Round Up


Motivation & Blogging

Today marks the last day of Blaugust 2019 and what a month it has been! The theme for this final week was all about staying motivated and some of the ways that keep us, as bloggers motivated to keep making content. Staying motivated has always been something that I've struggled with when it comes to … Continue reading Motivation & Blogging

Showing A Little Appreciation

The theme for Blaugust this week is all about Developer Appreciation. It took me a little while to finally settle on which developer I wanted to write about but in all honesty, I was probably looking into it more than I actually needed to. Eventually, I settled on the Japanese developer Game Freak. They are … Continue reading Showing A Little Appreciation