New Year New Adventures

Now that we are a few days into twenty-twenty one, I managed to spend a little bit of time reflecting on the previous year. All the good, bad, ugly and questionable moments. I won't lie, the year as a whole was challenging for everyone in a variety of different ways. Many of us adapting to … Continue reading New Year New Adventures


Reflections & Twenty-Twenty

I'll admit that at the end of November I thought I had a pretty good plan of how December was going to go. While some of that plan played out as expected I wasn't fully prepared for how non-stop things were going to be. Compared to this time last year, things are somewhat different. However, … Continue reading Reflections & Twenty-Twenty

Motivation & Blogging

Today marks the last day of Blaugust 2019 and what a month it has been! The theme for this final week was all about staying motivated and some of the ways that keep us, as bloggers motivated to keep making content. Staying motivated has always been something that I've struggled with when it comes to … Continue reading Motivation & Blogging