Let’s Rewind: February

February has been a rather interesting month for a number of reasons. Firstly I moved from LeeksEverywhere over to LeeksPlays across the blog and my social media profiles. It was somewhat a spur of the moment decision but it felt right at the same time. There have been some personal challenges throughout the month as … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: February


Let’s Rewind: January

January has been a slow but steady month. I've spent a lot of January catching up with family and friends after the Christmas and New Year period, I'm still trying to finish the last of the never-ending pile of leftover sweets and chocolate, I've tackled the January sales and taken some time for myself. In … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: January

First Impressions: Death Stranding

When Death Stranding was first revealed, I was curious to find out more but at the same time, I didn't feel like it was a game I would like. I had a small bit of experience of previous Hideo Kojima games in the form of Metal Gear Solid but not in much detail. After some … Continue reading First Impressions: Death Stranding

Let’s Rewind: December

Well, here we are. The last day of the year and of the decade! These past twelve months have really flown by. I'll keep this last post for twenty-nineteen short and sweet and jump straight into this months Let's Rewind. Pokemon Sword & Shield I've been making some slow but steady progress in Pokemon Shield. … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: December