The Collection Continues To Grow

I tend to find myself browsing the internet looking out for deals on a variety of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games to add to my collection from time to time. A lot of the time I will come across a good deal but the timing just isn't quite right, the product has … Continue reading The Collection Continues To Grow


My Month In Gaming: June

I'll keep this short and sweet. June has been a super busy month for me. Everything seems to have been happening over these last few weeks. We had EA PLAY and E3 back at the start of the month which revealed some amazing new games coming over the next few months. Honestly, I am very … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: June

An Update On What Has Been Happening

Amongst all the craziness of the last week with work and real life I've finally found a few minutes to stop, sit down and write this. Mid-week my computer decided to throw a big tantrum and get it's self stuck in a reboot loop. Thankfully it is now all sorted and back up and running. … Continue reading An Update On What Has Been Happening