Let’s Rewind: January

As we all know, January seems to always last an eternity, and this year is no different. Now, while I'd love to sit here and write a somewhat normal monthly round up, this past month has been anything but that. Real life had to be put first for a few days, which ultimately left me … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: January

Back At It Again

How many times have I done this now? Three, four, five, maybe even six times now? Either way, I've lost count, but I've jumped back into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, again. Now you might be wondering why I've returned to the game again. The simple answer is that I've missed playing and with … Continue reading Back At It Again

My Month In Gaming: August

It's been one of those months where I've felt like I've been in a little bit of a rut. I feel as though I've played everything in my collection but I'm wanting something to tide me over until the September releases. That being said I have pretty much stuck with the same three games throughout … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: August

Getting Lost In The World of Eorzea

Not too long ago I shared a blog post about some of my experiences with MMORPG games. Today's post is going to follow a similar theme but more specifically I'm going to be talking about my experience with Final Fantasy XIV Online. If you've followed my blog for a while you may remember that I've … Continue reading Getting Lost In The World of Eorzea