Returning To Eorzea

I first picked up Final Fantasy XIV initially on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. While I did enjoy playing the game on PS4 I found it a little difficult to get into properly. Eventually, I moved over to the Steam version which is when I got hooked on the game. However, the last time I … Continue reading Returning To Eorzea

Later Levels: Question of the Month

A little bit of a different blog post today and one that I have had lots of fun working on. It comes from Later Levels question of the month blog post. I've followed a few of these but this is the first time I will be responding to one of the questions. So without further … Continue reading Later Levels: Question of the Month

My Month In Gaming: July

I've been a little bit quieter on what I've been playing this month but despite everything that's been going on in real life here's this month My Month In Gaming blog post! The Sims 4 Seasons This featured in last months My Month In Gaming post but in all honesty, I just can not get … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: July