Dear Game Freak

Late on Saturday evening, I noticed that the hashtag "Thank You Game Freak" was trending on Twitter. Being intrigued as to why it was I went ahead clicked on it. I started to read all the number of reasons why people were thankful for Game Freak. Seeing the trending topic got me thinking about my … Continue reading Dear Game Freak


Showing A Little Appreciation

The theme for Blaugust this week is all about Developer Appreciation. It took me a little while to finally settle on which developer I wanted to write about but in all honesty, I was probably looking into it more than I actually needed to. Eventually, I settled on the Japanese developer Game Freak. They are … Continue reading Showing A Little Appreciation

Franchise Friday: A New Adventure Is On The Horizon

Firstly let me just apologize for the delay in having the second Franchise Friday posted. February was a very weird month and I had also spent some time working on a couple of other projects behind the scenes as well. However, March will see two Franchise Friday blog posts and here is the first one … Continue reading Franchise Friday: A New Adventure Is On The Horizon