My Current Top Five Songs

I was sat taking some time to work on some content ideas, listening to Spotify, when I suddenly had an idea for a fun little post. I spend a large chunk of my day listening to music it, be it on my way to or from work, in the morning when I'm getting ready for … Continue reading My Current Top Five Songs


My Spotify Wrapped: 2021 Edition

Spotify recently released this year's Wrapped statistics for everyone, and as always I was pleasantly surprised by mine. This past year, I've been listening to a variety of different genres and even sub-genres. Found a love for LoFi and Chill Beats, which have been a blessing when it comes to taking time to relax and … Continue reading My Spotify Wrapped: 2021 Edition

Let’s Talk About DokeV

Right, where do I start? This game was part of the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live and while there were so many brilliant game reveals and updates, there has been one game that well and truly caught my attention. This game is DokeV! However, before I go into more detail about this game, take a … Continue reading Let’s Talk About DokeV

The Animal Crossing Diaries: It’s Been A Few Months + BLACKPINK Island Visit

Well, let's just say, it has certainly been a little while since I last hopped onto either of my Animal Crossing Islands. In fact, the last time I did was probably around late April/early May. So, now I'm sat here wondering if my Villagers are still going to like me or not. Have any moved … Continue reading The Animal Crossing Diaries: It’s Been A Few Months + BLACKPINK Island Visit