My Spotify Wrapped: 2021 Edition

Spotify recently released this year's Wrapped statistics for everyone, and as always I was pleasantly surprised by mine. This past year, I've been listening to a variety of different genres and even sub-genres. Found a love for LoFi and Chill Beats, which have been a blessing when it comes to taking time to relax and … Continue reading My Spotify Wrapped: 2021 Edition

Emotional Soundwaves | Gaming Soundtrack Collab with EllexMay

It seems like forever ago that my lovely friend Elle and I sat down and decided that we wanted to do a blog collab of some sorts, but we just weren't too sure what we wanted to write about.  After countless conversations and exploring a number of different ideas, we ended up on a topic … Continue reading Emotional Soundwaves | Gaming Soundtrack Collab with EllexMay

What’s On My Spotify Playlist?

A few days ago I was reading a blog post by One Nerd's Brain about some of the music they have been enjoying recently. I actually ended up rediscovering a few artists who I haven't listened to for some time now too! After listening to the songs mentioned in the post, it got me thinking … Continue reading What’s On My Spotify Playlist?