Latest Additions: Nintendo 3DS Edition

I've recently decided to show the Nintendo 3DS a bit of love in picking up a few new games to take a look at. This all came about from some late-night browsing for a few homeware things on Argos and naturally, I started looking through various video game-related searches. Out of curiosity, I had searched … Continue reading Latest Additions: Nintendo 3DS Edition


A Journey With The Nintendo DS

I've recently been thinking a lot about the Nintendo DS family of consoles. It all started when I came across my Nintendo 2DS the other day. I started thinking about how essentially just sitting there and collecting dust. There are still so many games to play on the console as well as discover both as … Continue reading A Journey With The Nintendo DS

Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

As I was sorting through my games the other day I came across Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.  The game was announced in a Nintendo Direct back in April 2015. Despite being a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise I was still very much on the fence about getting it. I picked the game up … Continue reading Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Throwback Thursday: Discovering Zelda

Most days after school at my childminder's myself and the other children would all gather around the television in the playroom and watch while one of us sat an played a game of our choice on the Nintendo 64. The first game that really captured my attention was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Discovering Zelda