Console Review: Nintendo Switch Lite & Accessories

A couple of months ago, my partner and I decided to take the plunge and pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite. This is something we had been thinking about doing for a few months prior to purchasing it as he had become more interested in a number of Nintendo games. Initially we were torn between … Continue reading Console Review: Nintendo Switch Lite & Accessories


The Animal Crossing Diaries: New Horizons

In the previous Animal Crossing Diaries post that I wrote, I talked a bit about how the game had been a saving grace for me at the time. I found that it was the perfect way to relax and escape everything that was going on and that has remained true throughout this month so far. … Continue reading The Animal Crossing Diaries: New Horizons

Welcome to the Family

Today Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite. This has come after weeks of rumors and speculation online about a new Nintendo Switch console coming soon and in fact, it is being launched on 20th September 2019 and will cost approximately $199. Other than the new console being slightly smaller than the traditional Nintendo Switch … Continue reading Welcome to the Family