Latest Additions: Sales and Surprises

It wasn't too long ago that I sat down and wrote a bit about some of the games I had picked up recently. Since then there has been a little more growth in my collection (and the backlog) with a mix of physical and digital games being added. With an abundance of pre and post … Continue reading Latest Additions: Sales and Surprises


My Favourite Games of Twenty-Twenty

Another year has come to an end and again it has been filled with epic adventures and amazing memories. Despite what has been going on in the real world video games have been there every step of the way for many of us. For me, it has been the perfect way to escape and relax … Continue reading My Favourite Games of Twenty-Twenty

The Animal Crossing Diaries: Feeling Festive

Animal Crossing has been somewhat of a saving grace over the last few weeks. While life has seemed even more hectic than normal I always found myself coming back to my Island. I've actually spent some time tidying up a few areas of my island, adding in a new pumpkin patch, and relocating a lot … Continue reading The Animal Crossing Diaries: Feeling Festive

Latest Additions to the Collection

Over the last month or so I've slowly added a small handful of new games to my ever-growing collection. While the backlog will slowly be growing, I'm excited to play the new games I've picked up. All of the games I've picked up lately have been part of a sale of some description but mainly … Continue reading Latest Additions to the Collection

The Animal Crossing Diaries: Time To Get Spooky

If I was to be totally honest, I had pretty much forgotten about Halloween this year. With all the uncertainty we have all be experiencing, it was the last thing on my mind. It wasn't until a little notification popped up on Facebook a few days beforehand that I remembered I was going to be … Continue reading The Animal Crossing Diaries: Time To Get Spooky