Let’s Rewind: May

I honestly feel like May has just started but here we are at the end of the month once again. It's been a funny month full of ups and downs overall, but ultimately I just kept rolling with it as best as I could. Gaming wise, I haven't really played a great deal this past … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: May


Let’s Rewind: October

Well, October has really been a month where I've felt all over the place. Real-life has been hectic along with working on blog related odds and ends and another project or two that I'm hoping to share again soon. However, amongst everything I've somehow managed to squeeze in time to sit down and play a … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: October

Overwatch 2 Reveal Thoughts

This past weekend saw the reveal of Overwatch 2. While this came as a surprise for some I was somewhat skeptical as there had been a few rumors of its pending announcement appearing on Twitter. With the rumors circulating and BlizzCon fast approaching I promised myself to not believe or get excited about any information … Continue reading Overwatch 2 Reveal Thoughts

My Month In Gaming: August

It's been one of those months where I've felt like I've been in a little bit of a rut. I feel as though I've played everything in my collection but I'm wanting something to tide me over until the September releases. That being said I have pretty much stuck with the same three games throughout … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: August