Franchise Friday: The Journey of a Tomb Raider

My earliest memory of the Tomb Raider franchise has to be when my Dad used to play Tomb Raider II on PC and I use to sit and watch him play. I was still fairly young so I didn't fully understand what was happening in the game. One memory that I do have is how … Continue reading Franchise Friday: The Journey of a Tomb Raider


My Top Video Games Of 2018

Here we are approaching the end of twenty-eighteen and what a year it has been for video games. Originally I was going to tie this in with my monthly My Month In Gaming Posts but decided that it would work better as it's own post. So here are my top video game releases from twenty-eighteen. … Continue reading My Top Video Games Of 2018

My Month In Gaming: September

September has been a super busy month for me with work, being away and just life in general but I've still managed to squeeze in a bit of time for playing some games here and there. Although I've played a couple of my usual games I'm going to jump straight in with different games. One … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: September