E3 2021: Nintendo Direct & Final Thoughts

I'm a little late on sharing this post but with how hectic it was last week both in the world of video games and real life, I needed an extra couple of days to catch up on everything. I didn't manage to catch the Nintendo Direct live as I was still working when it streamed, … Continue reading E3 2021: Nintendo Direct & Final Thoughts


My Favourite E3 Week Reveals

This week would have E3 week. The week where we see many new game reveals, updates on upcoming games and of course more information about Sony and Microsoft's next generation of consoles. Of course, with the current global situation, E3 was cancelled. However, all was not lost. Many of the video game studios have opted … Continue reading My Favourite E3 Week Reveals

Throwback Thursday: Nintendo 64 Edition

In a Throwback Thursday post I shared a couple of weeks ago I talked about how I discovered and fell in love with The Legend of Zelda franchise and how that all started with seeing it being played at my childminders on the Nintendo 64 they owned. I got my first Nintendo 64 Console out … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Nintendo 64 Edition