Thinking About The Sims

Earlier this week The Sims 4 celebrated its fourth birthday. It really does not seem like it has been that long at all. I remember sitting at my computer a few hours before it first launched waiting for it to pre-load so I could sleep for a little and then jump on as soon as … Continue reading Thinking About The Sims

My Month In Gaming: August

I honestly can't believe that it is the end of August already. It's crazy how quick 2018 has gone so far but I'm looking forward to the last few months of the year especially with so many new game releases on the horizon! Overwatch Ahhh Overwatch! I've been having a bit of a love-hate relationship … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: August

Throwback Thursday: PlayStation 2 Edition

Today's blog post is a bit of a throwback Thursday. This all really came about as I was clearing some stuff out of the loft at home and came across a selection of PlayStation Boy did it bring back some memories. I just need to invest in a working PlayStation 2 in order to play … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: PlayStation 2 Edition

My Month In Gaming: May

May has been a very full on and hectic month for me. I didn't really find myself reaching for any new games as such despite adding a couple to my collection but I've played a few favourites this month. Splatoon 2 For the second month in a row, Splatoon 2 is making an appearance in … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: May


A few days ago I stumbled across like many other Twiter users did the trending topic #GameStruck4. I was intrigued as to what the hashtag was all about so I took a look. Twitter users were choosing four games that they feel defined them in one way or another and all for different reasons. This … Continue reading #GameStruck4