My Experience With MMORPG’s

Every now and then I take a look through my Steam Library and stumble across some games that I have long forgotten about. On this occasion, my attention was drawn to the game Forsaken World. It got me thinking about other MMORPG style games I have picked up and played over time. My first experience … Continue reading My Experience With MMORPG’s


My Month In Gaming: August

I honestly can't believe that it is the end of August already. It's crazy how quick 2018 has gone so far but I'm looking forward to the last few months of the year especially with so many new game releases on the horizon! Overwatch Ahhh Overwatch! I've been having a bit of a love-hate relationship … Continue reading My Month In Gaming: August

Jumping Back Into World of Warcraft

Recently I found myself thinking about getting back into World of Warcraft. It's something I had been thinking about for a while really. I had previously played the game a few years ago but never got into it properly, felt a little bit overwhelmed at the time and I didn't know anyone else who played. … Continue reading Jumping Back Into World of Warcraft