Latest Additions: Sales and Surprises

It wasn't too long ago that I sat down and wrote a bit about some of the games I had picked up recently. Since then there has been a little more growth in my collection (and the backlog) with a mix of physical and digital games being added. With an abundance of pre and post … Continue reading Latest Additions: Sales and Surprises


My Favourite Games of Twenty-Twenty

Another year has come to an end and again it has been filled with epic adventures and amazing memories. Despite what has been going on in the real world video games have been there every step of the way for many of us. For me, it has been the perfect way to escape and relax … Continue reading My Favourite Games of Twenty-Twenty

My Favourite Games of Twenty-Nineteen

The past twelve months have seen many incredible games released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. There have been numerous games from this year that I've had the chance to play and experience. There have been games that I have loved and games that I haven't got one with as much but … Continue reading My Favourite Games of Twenty-Nineteen

Franchise Friday: Where It All Began

It all started when I was browsing the video games display in my local Smyths Toy Stores. I was there for a totally unrelated reason but there was one game that caught my eye. Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One. The only Final Fantasy game that I had played previously was a demo of a … Continue reading Franchise Friday: Where It All Began

Franchise Friday: A Guardian’s Journey

Welcome to the first of many Franchise Friday blog posts. If you haven't already seen, Franchise Friday is a new series launching today on my blog. You can find out more about it in the reveal post here. Without further ado lets jump in. Now, this particular franchise has been in the news lately due … Continue reading Franchise Friday: A Guardian’s Journey