Introducing Gamers Retreat

Let me introduce to you Gamers Retreat. Now you might be wondering what exactly this is all about well let me jump straight to the point.

Gamers Retreat is a Discord server that was created by my friend Alex and myself and has been growing steadily over the last couple of weeks. We wanted to create a server where people joined and would feel a part of a community with lots of friendly faces and a relaxed atmosphere. Gamers Retreat ultimately is a place where you can talk about your day, games you are playing or looking forward to, find people to team up with and so much more.

One thing that we wanted and was clear from when we first started talking about creating the server was to have a place for content creation. Regardless of what platform you create content for or what game(s) it is for we wanted somewhere where people can promote their content. Not only that if you are someone who is looking to start creating content and not sure where to start or even if you need some help and advice there is a place for that.

Interested in joining? Click the image below to come and join the community!

Also a huge thank you to our server member Kayd who created our server logo!

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