Updating My Steam Wishlist

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been playing many PC games this year other than the likes of The Sims 4, Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV Online. Part of this is due to having a slightly older computer build which while for the most part still runs really well, it isn’t built for many of the games that have been released over the last twelve months. However, most of those games have also been released on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch so I have gone with one of these platforms instead.

With that being said, I took the time to go through my wishlist, removed some games I no longer wanted on there, and started to add some new games to the list.

Here are just some of the games I’ve added to my wishlist.

Garden Story

The first time I heard about Garden Story was during the recent Nintendo Indies showcase. The game just looks adorable and I love the art style too! I was excited to see that there is a demo for the game available now on Steam so I will definitely be checking that out very soon!


A game where you take photos of cute and adorable dogs? Even skateboarding dogs and dogs in hats? Awesome!


I’ve watched a few people play Gris on Twitch and fell in love with the game’s story, the art style, the colours, just everything about this game.  It’s been on my wishlist for a little while now but I know it will be worth the wait when I get to play it myself.

Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake is a game I’ve stumbled across recently while I was browsing through Steam and it was the name that made me wonder more about what the game was about. After taking a look at the Steam listing I found out that your task is to restore a bakery that has seen better days, create pastries, and grow your own ingredients to sell to customers in the shop. I can’t wait to find out more about this game once it’s been released.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This game really doesn’t need any introduction since it’s been taking the world by storm one Fall Guy at a time lately. I’ve mainly added this to my wishlist as I have a lot of friends who have been playing the game on PC compared to those who have been playing on PlayStation 4.

I have a handful of other games on my wishlist including Fallout: New Vegas, Forager, House Flipper, Phogs, TemTem, Okami HD, Story of Seasons, Friends of Mineral Town, and Outer Wilds.

Even now as I scroll back through the Steam Store, I’m finding myself stumbling across more interesting looking games which I’ll be keeping an eye on and finding out more about each of them.

One other thing I have noticed when I play games on PC is that I tend to stick to very similar genres of games and that I love a good indie game as well. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this at all it was just a funny little observation I made.

What are some of the games you a looking forward to playing?


One thought on “Updating My Steam Wishlist

  1. My Steam wishlist is an absolute mess. I have nearly 300 games on there… all of varied styles and genres. The game at the top of the list right now is Spiritfarer which I’ll probably end up buying soon since I loved the demo and I’ve got my eye on a few horror titles with Hallowe’en not too far away.

    I really enjoyed GRIS and it seems to go on a 50% off sale fairly often so I suggest picking it up next time it does! 😀


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