Game Review: Drive Buy Demo

Despite my ever-growing backlog, I’m always on the look-out for new games to take a look at and experience. Most recently, the team at Glitchers reached out to me to let me know about their upcoming game Drive Buy.

But what exactly is it?

“Drive Buy is a cross-play, vehicular combat game with a delivery twist! Outdrive, outsmart and most importantly, out deliver you rivals!” – Glitchers

The aim of the game is to make the most deliveries (or points) while shaking down opposing drivers with power ups. The mix of completing deliveries and fighting off rivals is the perfect combination of surprises and revenge.

Upon loading Drive Buy for the first time, I was instantly drawn to the game’s soundtrack. It made me feel as though I was leaving one city and making my way onto the next one. There was nothing but the music playing on the radio, neon lights in the distance behind me and darkness ahead of me.

I was then presented with an option to play with a controller (Xbox or PlayStation) or continue with a keyboard and mouse set up. For my experience with the demo, I chose to use a keyboard and mouse set up. After selecting my chosen method of playing, I was given a quick overview of the controls of the game which seemed pretty simple and straightforward.

I quickly jumped into Training to get an idea of the game, and it’s features. Training itself is broken down into several sections. I loved this as it made it easy to understand each of the different sections without it feeling overwhelming.

After spending some time in practice mode, I finally jumped into my first game. I wasn’t sure what to expect other than pure chaos after my experience against the practice bots. When loading up an online game, you are presented with a few more options as to what you want to play. For this I joined quick play and next thing I knew I was into a game.

I’ve played a mixture of all the available game modes, and I’ve really enjoyed each one. For now, I would have to say that Piggy Bank is my favourite game mode as I’ve never laughed so much while chasing a rival just to steal a piggy bank from them. It was also the game mode that I got my first win in.

Of course, I can’t forget that you can also customize your character, your vehicle and also unlock more customization options as your Drive Buy rank increases.

Overall, my experience with Drive Buy has been incredible. The twist on Amazon Consumerism whilst driving through the brightly coloured cityscape is amazing. I’ve laughed so much, I’ve shouted and screamed at my screen so many times, I’ve got pulled in by the chaos and honestly this is a game worth checking out! Everything about the game so far has been brilliant. I can’t wait to be able to play the full game once it has been launched alongside my friends on Nintendo Switch and on PC.

Drive Buy is to be released on Nintendo Switch & Steam worldwide on 12th March 2021. You can also wish list and download the demo for Drive Buy on Steam as part of the Steam Game Festival!

More Information

Developer/Publisher: Glitchers

Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional & Simplified Chinese

Platforms: Nintendo Switch & Steam (Cross-play enabled)

Twitter: @glitchers

Join the official Glitchers Discord here!

*This post is in collaboration with Glitchers*


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