Getting Back into Reading!

One of the New Year’s resolutions that I made for twenty-twenty one was to read more. I grew up always reading something but over the last few years, I have only picked up a book here and there. A part of me got to the point where I just didn’t really know what I wanted to read really.

I started the year off by picking up a couple of books from Amazon. Then created a wish list to keep track of other books that I was interested in, pre-ordered a few more books and bought another one. Needless to say I’ve made a start on a new collection of books to read, and I’m excited to read them all!

The collection has started mainly with video game related books at the moment but these are the first three books that I’ve picked up recently.

I made a start with Rapture: Bioshock and I’m currently a little over halfway through the book. Without giving anything away, if you loved the Bioshock games you’ll enjoy reading the book! I’m currently torn between starting Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII or Day Zero: A Watch Dogs: Legion Novel next as they are both fantastic books with great reviews too! However, I have another book due for release in a couple of weeks that I’m eager to start reading too.

The next book that I’m looking forward to getting, which I’ve actually had pre-ordered for a few weeks now is Death Stranding: The Official Novelisation Volume 1 by Hitori Nojima and Carley Radford. It’s the first of several parts and is released on the 16th February. Death Stranding as a video game has been a very different experience compared to other video games that I’ve played, yet the story has always captivated me. I actually stumbled across this one day after wondering if there was any kind of novel for Death Stranding and to my surprise there was!

I mentioned earlier in this post, I created a wish list on Amazon to keep track of the books I’m interested in picking up. Depending on the book will depend on if I pick up a physical copy or if I go for the Kindle edition at the moment, although I would much prefer building up a physical collection. Even though I’m using Amazon to keep track of the books, I’m not tying myself to purchasing them from there either.

As for what is currently on my wish list, here are just a few of the many books I have saved.

There are still many books on my list other than just these that I’ve mentioned above. I have no idea if I’ll purchase them all or just some or even if I get a chance to read them all! Either way I’m looking forward to reading more books again.

If you have any book recommendations let me know!


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