Mini Movie Review: Encanto

I don’t tend to talk about many movies or televisions shows on my blog however, this weekend, I finally found the time to sit down and watch the latest Disney movie, Encanto. I’ve heard and seen so many people talk about this movie recently and how blown away they have been by the story as well as how catchy the songs are.

The movie is about magical Madrigal family who live hidden away in the mountains of Colombia in a place called Encanto. Each family member has a different gift except for one, Maribel. When things are starting to go wrong within the family, it is up to Maribel to help save the magic, her family and Encanto!

So, I grabbed my laptop, got comfy and sat and watched the movie.

Each song from the opening song, The Family Madrigal right the way through to All Of You was perfect. From the get go I found myself feeling smiling from ear to ear, crying happy tears, and laughing along the way. Bopping along in time to each song and feeling how relatable each moment was for the characters.

At a little under two hours, you follow Maribel’s journey through a variety of ups and downs while trying to find herself and what her purpose is. The meaning of family and community are clear throughout the movie and honestly, this is already one of my favourite movies that I have watched recently. It might be too early to say, but it could be my top movie of this year. (Okay, maybe a little too soon to say that but hey!)

Now I can’t lie, I’ve ended up watching Encanto a couple of times now, I’ve had the soundtrack playing on Spotify, and I’ve definitely been singing along to the songs at all! There is just something about Encanto that makes you feel happy and smile. It’s just a brilliant feel good movie that I highly recommend watching over on Disney+.

Even though this is a very short review of Encanto, I didn’t want to accidentally spoil the movie for anyone who is yet to watch it. Ultimately, I was just very excited to share a handful of quick thoughts about the movie!

If you have seen the movie, let me know which song is your favourite in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Mini Movie Review: Encanto

  1. My favorite song of the movie was the one with Louisa. Realizing she’s super strong physically but mentally struggling really hits hard. That feeling of everything being on you is tough and I think it portrayed it super well.

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