Overwatch Summer Games 2017

The 2017 Summer Games have come and gone for another year. No more ranked or normal Lucioball, no more trying to get all the limited edition event skins from this year and last year and ulitmately my bank account has finally stopped screaming “STOP BUYING LOOTBOXES!” Yet despite everything this event has now passed and Blizzard has presented us with Season 6 of competitive mode, the new deathmatch gamemode and the new map Château Guillard.

Event Skins –

I was pretty unsure if I was going to get many of the skins but my free event lootbox awarded me the Reaper Biker skin which I have to say looks pretty awesome. Through levelling up I got last years Summer Game skins for Genji, Tracer and McCree. I also purchased a few too many lootboxes which awarded me the Grill Master 76 and Cricket skins. I managed to save up enough coins to get the Widowmaker skin but I was loosing hope on getting Sombra’s and Mercy’s skins. Luckily my last two lootboxes that I purchased before the event finished gave me these two skins which meant I had actually unlocked all of the event skins.

Lucioball –

I never really played Lucioball in the 2016 Summer Games. As much as I enjoyed it I found it incredibly frustrating at time just running round in circles trying to chase the ball. I did however score a handful of goals. I also had a go at competitive Lucioball and despite loosing a handful of placements I was awarded a Gold Rank with 2155 SR.

Overall I really enjoyed the Summer Games event this year. Lucioball was an interesting experience full of mixed emotions however, bring on next years Lucioball! The event skins were awesome. I’m really happy I unlocked them all. I’m hoping that there will be a 2018 Summer Games and not only that I’m looking forward to the next event which I’m guessing will tie in with Halloween in October.




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