Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2018

With 2017 filled with loads of great game announcements and releases as well as several big console releases, 2018 also has a lot instore for gamers already. There are so many great games already announced to be coming out this year with more still to be revealed but today I’m going to share just a few of the games that I am excited for that are coming this year.

Sea of Thieves

Since I saw the game showcased at the Microsoft E3 press conference in 2017, I knew this was a game I needed to keep up to date on. There is just something about being a Pirate in Sea of Thieves that seems different compared to other Pirate themed games.  I was also lucky to sit in on a panel at RTX London back in October which talked more about aspects of gameplay and showed off some of the said gameplay. Needless to say 20th March needs to come around quickly so I can start my Pirate adventure.

Monster Hunter Worlds

I stumbled accross a trailer for Monster Hunter Worlds one day while I was on YouTube and instantly I was intruiged as to what game it was. As soon as the title of the game was revealed I decided to investigate a bit more about the game. Also knowing that my brother has a few of the older Monster Hunter games I went and borrowed those from him. I’m excited to see how the multiplayer works in the new game as well as being able to explore the world (which I must add looks incredible) and of course hunt for monsters. Luckily there isn’t long to wait now until the game’s launch later this month.

Pokémon for Switch and Pokemon Crystal Re-release

It’s been rumoured that the next installment of the Pokémon RPG game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch at somepoint in 2018. While this is exciting it is also some what intruiging as to how Nintendo will make the game work on the Switch. Although there is little information at the moment about the game the upcoming Nintendo Direct could reveal more information. I’m not one to look into the rumours but the concept of the game franchise coming to the Switch is exciting.

Following the release of the original four Pokémon games Red, Blue, Yellow and Green and also Pokémon Silver and Gold late last year, Pokémon Crystal is set for release later this month. Pokémon Crystal is one of the Pokemon games I never owned physically or played. The Jhoto era of the games is one of my favourites and I’m looking forward to being able to play this installment in the franchise despite it being a re-release since I have recently finished Pokémon Gold.


When EA/BioWare revealed the trailer for Anthem at E3 last year in all honesty I thought it was a trailer for the next Titanfall game. Oh boy was I wrong. Anthem is very much not that. Everything that was shown in that first trailer had me wanting to find out more. As I watched the trailer more I felt as though the game has a slight Pacific Rim feel while still being it’s own game. I can’t wait to see more from this game ahead of it’s release at the end of the year.

There are still numerous games that I am excited for this year with even more still to be announced through out the year. One of my aims for 2018 is to try games that I wouldn’t normally reach for as well as games from different genres on various different platforms.

Let me know what games you are looking forward to in 2018 and what else we could see in the gaming community throughout the year!



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