Returning To Eorzea

I first picked up Final Fantasy XIV initially on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. While I did enjoy playing the game on PS4 I found it a little difficult to get into properly. Eventually, I moved over to the Steam version which is when I got hooked on the game. However, the last time I played was back at the end of May just before I moved house. Since then I simply have just have not been interested in playing. The last couple of weeks, however, I’ve wanted to get back into the game.

Luckily I had left the game installed on my PC but as I hadn’t played in nearly six months I did have a rather big update to do before jumping back into the game. With the update done it was time to return to where I last logged off. In all honesty, I had no recollection of where that even was or what I was doing.

In fact,  when I logged back in for the first time it was like I had never played the game before. I couldn’t remember anything at all.

I started off with the quest The Lominsan Way and I basically had to destroy a big boulder. Pretty straightforward to do really, or so I thought. Once completing that initial quest  I continued to follow the main story quests.

I then reached my first dungeon.

Now it didn’t go terribly but it didn’t go well. I’ve never felt confident with doing dungeons but that is more down to my lack of experience around what my character does and how they work with other classes. I’m getting there slowly but surely though.

It’s been lovely jumping back into Final Fantasy XIV after six months away, reconnecting with some old friends and making some new friends. I still feel that I am only just scratching the surface of this game and that there is so much more to discover the further I progress through.

I’m hoping to make enough progress within the game before the new Shadowbringers expansion is released in the Summer next year. Really that is plenty of time to make some good progress. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the upcoming content over the next few months but also getting even more stuck into the game and getting lost in Eorzea.

6 thoughts on “Returning To Eorzea

      1. Yeah it’s quite tough after a break. I stopped playing for a while and it was hell for a while just trying to learn classes and set up hotbars and stuff 😅

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