My Experience With MMORPG’s

Every now and then I take a look through my Steam Library and stumble across some games that I have long forgotten about. On this occasion, my attention was drawn to the game Forsaken World. It got me thinking about other MMORPG style games I have picked up and played over time.

My first experience with an MMORPG game would have been somewhere around 2003 maybe even in 2004 when a friend introduced me to Runescape. It took me a little while to get my head around some of the game’s features, getting lost multiple times and then dying countless times I actually thoroughly enjoyed playing Runescape. I went through phases where I would play near on every single day to then not playing at all for a couple of months. I actually picked up and started a new account on Old School Runescape not too long ago and it brought back so many memories of when I use to play. I’ve been slowly levelling up my character over the past few months and generally just exploring and rediscovering all the things I had forgotten about from before. To be honest Old School Runescape is just how I remembered it!

Final Fantasy XIV is another game that I’ve played frequently on and off over the last year. I think I’ve played just short of one hundred hours but again I’ve been taking it slowly and do go through phases where I always want to play and then times when I don’t. I do want to get back into the game again and try and get through more of the main story before Stormbringers comes out later this year. Personally, I feel that Final Fantasy XIV is my favourite MMORPG out of those that I have played and is also the one where I have the most friends that I have to play with and also help me when I get stuck on a quest or dungeon.

I’ve played a few more MMORPG’s including Neverwinter on Xbox One, Forsaken World and World of Warcraft on PC.

My experience with Neverwinter on Xbox One was somewhat short-lived. My boyfriend told me about it and had already started playing himself and said I may enjoy it. I did initially enjoy it. It was an interesting experience playing an MMORPG on a console as I’d only really known them for being created for PC. The main reason I stopped playing was that I just got bored. I had reached the furthest point that I could at the time and didn’t have many options for things to do when I reached that point. It is a game I would like to maybe give another go now that there have been a fair few updates but as to when that will be I’m not sure.

Forsaken World was another game that was introduced to me by my boyfriend. He had been playing it on and off for a while and every now and then let me do a few easier daily quests to get an idea of what the game was like. I eventually started to play the game myself.  We played alongside each other for a few months but we both ended up just growing apart from the game. Every now and then one of us jumps in and signs in to see what’s updated and changed but that’s about as far as we go.

The final MMORPG that I have played numerous times. A game that I have gotten bored with extremely quickly and even just given up with all together is World of Warcraft. I have tried my best to enjoy World of Warcraft on so many occasions that I just can’t. Although I want to there is just something that stops me and I honestly have no idea why. Maybe one day I will finally be able to enjoy the game like I want to but I don’t know if or when that could be.

There are so many different variations of MMORPG games out there to play and discover that I may one day find the one. The one that I just click with. Who knows. For now, I guess I will stick and swap between the ones I have played. Revisit those that I have long forgotten and gone from there.

Let me know what your favourite MMORPG games are or even if you have any that you recommend checking out!


4 thoughts on “My Experience With MMORPG’s

  1. I can’t really say I’ve played any MMORPGs. I get why they’re so well-liked, but I have to say I prefer my games to have a definite beginning, middle, and end. With most MMORPGs, it feels as though you’re just playing until you get bored and I feel having a natural conclusion counts for a lot.

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    1. That’s definitely something I’ve felt with a few and probably a reason why I drifted to and from so many different ones over the years. I do tend to sway more towards the story driven games overall and the odd multiplayer game here and there more though.

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