First Impressions: Death Stranding

When Death Stranding was first revealed, I was curious to find out more but at the same time, I didn’t feel like it was a game I would like. I had a small bit of experience of previous Hideo Kojima games in the form of Metal Gear Solid but not in much detail. After some deliberation and a few post-Christmas sales later, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a copy of Death Stranding from my local Argos. With it being on sale it was around thirty-pounds which was a relatively good price as most places still had it retailing at its normal price of forty-five/fifty pounds.

This blog post you could say has been a work in progress. I wanted to take the approach of documenting my thoughts as they happened rather than trying to recall them all in one go when I sat down to write this post. So far I have played around twenty hours of the game but here are some of my thoughts and quotes from what I have played so far!

  • Is this secretly the next David Attenborough documentary?
  • This is Planet Earth 3 right?
  • Everything looks so beautiful!
  • “HELLO!”
  • What does this do?
  • “Well, looks like I’m walking everywhere now”
  • “Oh look it’s raining” – Krista, start running.
  • “OH F#@K! OH F#@K!”
  • Proceeds to like a random sign.
  • “Why is there a Whale? WHY?”
  • “How do I calm down BB!?”
  • “What do I do?”
  • “Ahh F#@K I dropped all my packages”
  • After being lost for the past 10 minutes – I’m going to like this person’s sign I’ve just stumbled upon.
  • “Why did I take the most difficult route?” – Then remembers about the ladder and climbing rope in Sam’s inventory.
  • “RUN SAM!”
  • “Ahhh S#%t, I’m lost again. It’s like Skyrim all over again” – I have no sense of direction and even though I’ve placed markers I still get lost.
  • “Oooo look at these fancy sunglasses”
  • “I’m Sam!”
  • “AHHH I HATE THIS GAME!” – *throws controller across the sofa”
  • Helps random person build their bridge.
  • “Oh look a BT… ahh F#@k!”
  • “STOP falling over Sam!”
  • “Krista, that’s a rock. You can’t drive through it no matter how hard you try.”

As for my overall first impressions of the game, I can honestly say that I’m enjoying Death Stranding so far. In fact, I’m enjoying it so much more than I thought I would. There have been moments where I’ve truly rage quit the game altogether but I always find myself coming back to it. It really is such a beautiful game and there seems to be so much depth to it as well. I’m still very early on in the game and I’m exploring every little bit of the game I can, completing the main orders and a fair few side orders as well. Some aspects of the story are starting to slot together and make sense but I know it will be a little while before it does start to make complete sense.

Have you played Death Stranding yet? Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Death Stranding

  1. I love this game and also have an impressions piece coming up on it.
    It kind of feels like watching someone paint. You get little pieces amd as they are layered and put together you see so much more of the experience.
    It is weird and trippy!

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  2. I loved my time playing through Death Stranding! It’s an interesting game to discuss with others as it’s a pretty polarizing game. Knowing what I did going into the game I thought I would enjoy the story and more or less tolerate the gameplay, but the gameplay is so strangely satisfying, the closest I could describe it would be the travel segments in Red Dead Redemption 2. Both games had very deliberate pacing which may not appeal to everyone, but I thought helped to savor the moments and make them so memorable.
    If you’ve made it this far and enjoyed the game before it “gets good” starting in Chapter 3 then you’re off to a good start. I’ll just leave it at Death Stranding was my favorite game of 2019, I wrote down some of my thoughts about the game a while back and that ended up over 2,000 words; there’s a lot to absorb in the game 😁

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    1. I think even though I knew bits about what happens in the game, I stayed open minded about what to expect but I definitely agree that it is strangely satisfying at the same time. I can’t wait to see where the game takes me next 😁

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