Let’s Rewind: July

When I sat down and wrote June’s Let’s Rewind post, I remember saying that I wasn’t too sure where July would take me. Personally, I’ve found July quite a challenging month but I’ve found taking time to play games more relaxing than normal. I’ve also found myself diving into the world of video game books. It started with Final Fantasy XV The Dawn of The Future and I’ve been slowly adding more to my wishlist over the last week or so although most of those are currently pre-orders only and are released later this year.

I’m a little over halfway through Final Fantasy XV The Dawn of The Future and it’s been really insightful and interesting to read. I loved playing Final Fantasy XV and like many was disappointed to see the final parts of the downloadable content cancelled. At the point I am in the book, I do feel like it is answering some of the questions I have about the storyline of the game but there are still another two-hundred or so pages to read so who knows what will happen!

As for the games I’ve played this month, here’s what I got up to!

Final Fantasy XIV

I finally took the plunge and jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV. I stopped my membership back towards the end of February as I just couldn’t get on with the game and fell out of love with it. I had found myself missing playing the game over the last month, started watching streams of the game on Twitch and reading more about the game. Then a sneaky little sale popped up on Steam and I knew it was a sign to grab the Shadowbringers expansion and to jump back in.

Honestly, this is probably where I’ve spent most of my time when playing games this past month. I haven’t really been focusing on dungeons or raids or anything but just refamiliarising myself with the game, reconnecting with friends from my Free Company and working on my crafting levels. I’ve gone through phases in the past and have found myself just giving up altogether with Final Fantasy XIV to only rejoin a month or so later and still feel unhappy. However, I don’t feel like that this time. It’s been fun and I’ve actually enjoyed playing again. I also started playing as a Dancer which I’m having fun learning the rotations and all about this class.

Other than Final Fantasy XIV, I have found myself hopping around a lot of games this past month. Somewhere between The Last of Us Part II, Ooblets (which is such good fun), Animal Crossing New Horizons and The Sims 4. I can’t say I’ve played each of these for a great deal of time but more like an hour here and there. I also took a look at the Another Crusade demo that I talked about a few days ago and I’ve also got Ghost of Tsushima that I’ve rented from Boomerang Games that I’m looking forward to playing.

That’s it for this July’s Let’s Rewind. Just a little short but sweet post before I jump back into Final Fantasy XIV for a few hours.

What have you been playing lately?


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