Console Review: Nintendo Switch Lite & Accessories

A couple of months ago, my partner and I decided to take the plunge and pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite. This is something we had been thinking about doing for a few months prior to purchasing it as he had become more interested in a number of Nintendo games. Initially we were torn between picking up the normal Nintendo Switch because of the option of using the dock to play on the television over the Nintendo Switch Lite but settled on the latter as I prefer to play with our original one in handheld mode most of the time.

Of course, this raised more questions and options for us. Firstly what colour do we want to get and secondly do we just get it as the console on its own or bundled with a game? After shopping around online for a bit we eventually chose a bundle from Argos. Keeping in mind the current lockdown restrictions, they were able to deliver it the next day along with another couple of things we ordered.

With the order placed for the following morning the excitement of us both being able to play a number of Nintendo games together properly for the first time was amazing. The order arrived right on time, and it was a quick friendly socially distanced exchange.

We settled on the Nintendo Switch Lite in Coral which was bundled with Animal Crossing New Horizons and 3 Months of Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Lite Features

  • Console Size – 91.1 mm x 208 mm x 13.9 mm. (28.4 mm if you measure from the top of the analogue stick to where the ZL/ZR Buttons are placed)
  • Screen – Capacitive Touch Screen. 5.5 inch LCD. 1280×720 resolution
  • Weight – 275g approx
  • Compatible Software – Any Nintendo Switch software that supports handheld mode
  • Play Modes – Handheld Only
  • Battery Life – 3-7 Hours

*Information from Nintendo UK Store*

What’s included in the box?

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Console
  • AC Adapter for Charging
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Digital Code
  • Nintendo Switch Online Digital Code (3 months)
  • Information Leaflet

A few days after purchasing the console, I hopped onto the Nintendo UK Store and also purchased a Screen Protector and DuraFlexi Case as a bit of added protection. I didn’t purchase a storage case as I have been using my Animal Crossing themed case I already owned for when I’m not using the console. Both products were on promotion at the time and came to under £15 including postage. Both arrived a few days after they were originally ordered.

Overall Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I haven’t found anything (so far) that has been a negative about the Nintendo Switch Lite. It was incredibly easy to set up both the console and a Nintendo Account, easy to navigate and get ready to use for the first time. There was a small system update that was required which took around ten minutes to do but once everything was all set up you are good to go. I did leave the console for a few hours to charge and let it download Animal Crossing New Horizons at the same time before I properly sat down to play.

Even though I’ve had my standard Nintendo Switch for around three years, it felt refreshing to play the Switch Lite. It’s not a heavy console at all, and it felt comfortable to sit and play for several hours at a time. Battery life is between three and seven hours depending on your settings, but I usually get around five to six hours play before needing to charge it again which is pretty good. The Nintendo Switch Lite also takes around three hours to charge as well.

Graphically, everything is crisp, clear and vibrant. I’ve not seen anything noticeably different when swapping between the Switch Lite and the standard Switch console. I also haven’t experienced any drifting issues and any connection issues when using a Nintendo Pro Controller.

As with any new console purchase, value for money is something I always look out for. Where we purchased the Nintendo Switch Lite as part of a bundle as opposed to on its own. It did take a while to find the right bundle at just the right price, but this bundle from Argos was perfect.

We definitely made the right choice to get the Nintendo Switch Lite over a standard Nintendo Switch. I think having the option to swap between the two variants is nice. As I mentioned earlier in this review, I tend to play more handheld than I do docked, so it feels natural swapping between the two when we play.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a lovely console perfect for those who are both a long-time Nintendo fan or if you’re new to the world of Nintendo. I would definitely recommend looking at purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite if you were considering buying a Switch Console.


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