My Month In Gaming: January

For what has felt like the longest month, is finally coming to a close and it is time for the first My Month In Gaming for twenty-nineteen. If you are new to my bog and haven’t seen one of these posts before, let me explain what they’re all about.

At the end of each month I take the time to look back at the games I’ve played and just talk a little bit about them. I originally started this series back in January twenty-eighteen and have had great fun writing each post every month. To take a look at the previous My Month In Gaming posts click here.

Just Dance 2019

This was one of the games that I picked up during the post-Christmas sales. I’ve been interested in the Just Dance games for a while but just never got around to actually picking one up.  I love that I can just load the game up on my Nintendo Switch and just play, dance, have fun and it my case look a little silly when trying to pull off some of the dance moves.

Final Fantasy XV

Not too long ago I started a new playthrough of Final Fantasy XV but my save had somehow become corrupted meaning that I was looking at starting over again. While it was annoying that it had happened it gave me another chance to start over. Every time I play I always discover something new that I missed from the previous time. With this playthrough, I got up to the end game but I had totally forgotten about the changes made in Chapter Fourteen since I first played it back on Xbox One. Needless to say, I need to go back and level up a lot more before I tackle the end game aspects.


There isn’t a lot to really say about Overwatch other than I’ve really been enjoying playing a lot lately. I tend to spend a lot of time in the arcade mode and quick play here and there when playing with friends. I’ve avoided playing competitively for a while as I experienced a lot of issues several seasons ago and they had really put me off playing but I’m very much hoping to give it another go in the future. Other than that I’ve just been playing the end of the Holiday event and the start of the Lunar New Year event that has recently started.


Celeste is a game that I was gifted at Christmas. I’ve heard amazing things about the game over the last few months and I was so happy to be able to play it at last. I’m not too sure how far through I am but I’m really enjoying my playthrough so far and that’s despite dying a hell of a lot of times. Not only that the soundtrack, but the story and art style also add so much to the overall experience of the game. I definitely recommend this game if you haven’t already played it!

That’s everything for January’s My Month In Gaming. I’m glad to have this series back for twenty-nineteen and I’m looking forward to seeing where this series will go throughout the year!


13 thoughts on “My Month In Gaming: January

  1. Nice read! I was just writing a “January look-back” post myself and saw this pop up 🙂

    Interesting that you mentioned Celeste as I may well give it a go in February. An indie that can go head-to-head with RDR2 and God of War as a contender for Game of the Year has got to be worth a try… 🙂

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      1. I visited your blog for a couple of times and so far your posts never fail to amazed me. Just Dance 2019, Final Fantasy XV, Overwatch, Celeste—these are fantastic games. I envy you for having an awesome gaming experience. While I’m still stuck with my backlog of games.

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      2. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 They all are incredible games and some of my all time favourites. My backlog is ridiculous but I have made a start in trying to work through it and so far it is not going to bad.


  2. Thank you for sharing! Always love your posts 🙂 I’m really interested in Celeste, I keep seeing it everywhere. Good to know you’ve been taking time to relax and enjoy life even though it’s been a rough month 😅

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  3. Completely understand what you mean about Overwatch. I just play Mystery Heroes now instead of trying comp or quick play. People get bitter very quickly if you don’t pick what ‘compliments’ them. Mystery Heroes, the choice is out of my hands and besides an unlucky draw for the enemy team now and then, its good fun.

    Quick additional question, I could Google it but hey I’m here already 🙂 . You said you can just put on Just Dance on the Switch and just dance (Haha I did joke). Do you need any other peripherals or is it a Joy-Con thing?

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    1. I agree! I played some Overwatch earlier on the PTR server as they have released the new Paris map on there and even though it was just Skirmish there were some very bitter people in that. Other than that it was great fun.

      In answer to your Just Dance question, I just use the Joy-cons as it instructs you when you first load the game up. I believe there is an app that can be downloaded on to phones as well that allows you to play as well if you don’t have enough Joy-cons as well.

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